hurley, the hudson valley, and the catskill and shawangunk mountains

We are situated in Hurley, New York, in the mid-Hudson Valley, adjacent to the Catskill State Park and minutes from the Shawangunk Mountains. On this page you will find brief comments and some photos about this area.

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The majestic, myth-inspiring Hudson river valley is home to 2.2 million people, and abundant plant and animal life. It is the cradle of European settlement in the northeastern United States.

The Catskills, originally named the "Katskil" by the 17th Century Dutch settlers, were also known as the Blue Mountains by the locals. They begin dramatically at the eastern end with the Catskill Escarpment rising up steeply from the river, just to the north of us. There are many great hikes through mountain and forest terrain.

The Shawangunk Mountains, or Gunks for short, are just 10 miles to the south west and are known as a haven for climbers and mountain bikers. There are many fine hikes, and the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park Preserve are also very popular tourist destinations.

The Hudson River.

Coopers Lake, near Woodstock, Catskill Mountains.